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Updating Nvidia GeForce RTX cards

Updating Nvidia GeForce RTX cards

Those who want to buy a video card during this period can expect Nvidia’s new Super series. GeForce RTX series will be re-released under the name of Super.

Nvidia is expected to make a new move against AMD Navi graphics cards. It was revealed that the company, which shares with Super motto, will update the existing RTX graphics cards.

Nvidia RTX Super video cards

According to sources close to the company, GeFroce RTX 2080 and below graphics cards will be updated. The new versions, which will be updated in terms of clock frequency and memory speeds, will be more performance.

The RTX 2080 Super will feature 3027 CUDA cores and 16Gbps GDDR6 memory. The price is $ 599. The RTX 2070 Super features a 2560 CUDA core and 14Gbps memory speed. It costs $ 399. Finally, the RTX 2060 Super graphics card will be updated with a 2176 CUDA core and 14Gbps memory speed. The price will be $ 249.

Nvidia’s RTX Super series graphics cards at an affordable price as the AMD Navi 5000 series graphics cards aims to block the way. It will also stimulate the RTX series, which has been criticized for price for some time and failed to capture the expected sales figures.



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