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YouTube will not show full subscribers


The world’s largest video-sharing site, the channels on YouTube, real-time subscriber numbers will now be expressed in round numbers.

According to The Verge, if the company has 10,500,000 subscribers, for example, it will show 10,000,000.

The application can deactivate websites such as Social Blade, which shows how much subscribers have earned or lost channels with the data they receive from YouTube.

The YouTube product development team posted an article published on the BLG page and reported that the application was raised to ‘provide more consistency everywhere’. Some channels already have the possibility to show their subscriber numbers in this way, but the product development team wants to make it a more common and one-type application.

Some of YouTube’s new apps, such as Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg, James Charles, Tati Westbrook, Jeffree Star and Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney, have the most content-producing channels of the site. came after the reception.

Meanwhile, other social media platforms are working on similar applications. Instagram is considering adding the option of not showing how much a photo has received. Twitter, on the other hand, is experimenting with applications that will make some features of retweet and like users more accessible.

YouTube’s new application rounding up the number of subscribers will be activated in August.

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