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YouTube Translating Sites Makes Copyright Infringement


Following an application by several music industry labels and groups, a judge in Australia ordered local internet service providers to block four popular YouTube music downloads. The decision was made on the grounds that the copyrighted content was made public without permission.

Music industry ‘stream-As part of the war on ripping War (streaming copy), earlier this year, Sony, Universal and Warner; With the support of Music Rights Australia and the Australasian Performing Right Association, he asked Australian Internet service providers (ISPs) to block access to various YouTube platforms.

Following a Federal Court in April, music groups acted against four main players. These; 2conv, Flv2mp3, FLVto and Convert2mp3. Justice Perram has issued an order that obliges ISPs in the country to block platforms.

The judge released the rationale for the decision this week. While blocking elements are specific to Australian law, they contain some interesting comments that may inform similar situations and actions about the activities of such platforms in other regions. Judge Justice Perram, while highlighting the differences between streaming and downloading on YouTube.

The judge says: ve A person uploading the media to YouTube needs to determine who and under which conditions this media can be viewed. As part of this process it is possible to allow the download of files. In most cases, the installation is done by selecting ‘Standard YouTube License’, which allows the user to transfer to the media, not just to download the media stream. With ‘Creative Commons License’, the installation can allow end users to download, but the tags are not installed on this basis. Judge, He says the decision to allow or not to watch or download on YouTube is given to the installer.

The judge says that the operators of websites have violated copyrighted music and performance copyright by copying audio recordings of YouTube-published music videos.

In addition, the phrase ”technically correct ılar is described by the judge as a statement on the ConvertMP3 platform that claims that downloading from YouTube is lar completely legal Bun when users receive permission from the copyright owner. However, he rejected the disclaimer as itel completely unfounded “, stating that the sites only existed to emphasize the dishonesty of website operators Bun.

Significant traffic surpluses on the websites listed reveal that ors industrial music videos are responsible for music piracy List.


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