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YouTube surprise for iPhone promotion event!

YouTube surprise for iPhone promotion event!

Apple has published its events on its website. Of course, an up-to-date internet browser or a mobile device for computers that are needed to monitor because the event is public.

The technology world is currently hosting exciting developments in IFA 2019, while Apple is focusing on the September 10 event. New iPhones as well as products such as the Watch Series 5 will be introduced at this event.

iPhone promotion event will be published on YouTube!

The technology giant will be the first in this event and will broadcast live on YouTube.

In an inconceivable way, Apple has waged war on platforms that broadcast live on YouTube during the event.

We had an intense conversation with Apple on this issue. However, we were unable to remove the copyright infringement application. That’s why we had to pause our live broadcasts until YouTube canceled the penalty.


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