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YouTube subscriber restriction officially started!

YouTube subscriber restriction officially started!

A similar move comes from YouTube after Instagram started to hide the likes of photos and videos. Although there is no restriction, such as in Instagram, the YouTube subscriber limitation was officially announced.

YouTube calls this change a shortened number of subscribers. To illustrate this, the number of subscribers of a channel is currently shown as 1,234,567, followed by 1.23 million.

YouTube subscriber restriction is spreading fast!

This change was first announced in May, with details announced as of today. YouTube is the main reason for such a change, especially when it shows live channels with a high number of subscribers.

Significant increases or decreases in the number of YouTubers subscribers can be seen after any event or video. This is a serious stress and shorten the number of subscribers to prevent it, they say.

This change applies to the YouTube Data API Service of platforms such as Social Blade, which shows instant follow-up numbers of accounts on platforms like YouTube, Twitch, Instagram. That is, when switching to shortened subscriber numbers exactly, you will not be able to follow live on Social Blade.

Of course, creators will be able to see clearly the number of net followers on YouTube Studio and Analytics. What do you think about preventing YouTubers from following the instant number of subscribers?

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