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YouTube shares first trailer for interactive movie

YouTube shares first trailer for interactive movie

It was known that YouTube, the world’s largest video sharing platform, has been working on interactive film for a long time. Now the trailer for YouTube’s first original film, A Heist With Markiplier, is released. The published trailer says the film is action-themed. Here is the first YouTube interactive movie trailer!

YouTube interactive movie trailer

Last year, Netflix was able to draw attention with its first interactive film. Black Mirror: Netflix’s original film, Bandersnatch, allowed the audience to direct the story.

Now YouTube has followed Netflix and released a trailer for the first interactive film. The action movie starring the American YouTube phenomenon Mark Edward Fischback. Mark Edward Fischback is known for his game videos.

The action film, consisting of 61 different videos and 31 endings, will be based on a robbery. The fate of the film, whose plot is purely robbery, will be in your hands. The trailer of A Heist With Markiplier, published by Mark Edward Fischback, will be released on October 30th.

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