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YouTube feature from Netflix for iOS users

YouTube feature from Netflix for iOS users

Many features are offered in Netflix’s iOS application. With the newly added feature, users have a feature that has been offered by YouTube for a while and is frequently used by users. Netflix iOS users can now adjust the speed of the content they watch with the playback speed.

Netflix iOS users can now adjust playback speed

Playback speed adjustment feature, which is among the popular features on YouTube, has been launched in Netflix’s iOS application. Classically, you can choose from options such as 0.5x / 0.75x / 1x / 1.25x / 1.5x. We can say that this feature, which you can accelerate or slow down if you want, is also offered for iOS users on the mobile side after Android.

This setting can be done while watching, like on YouTube or a podcast app, but automatically sets it to normal settings when you exit the content you set. This feature took a long time to come. The reason we say so is that the feature was first tested in 2019. After that, this feature, which was introduced for Android users a few months ago, was finally made available for iOS users. The feature has been gradually distributed for a while.

In addition to this feature, other new features for Netflix are also being tested. As it turned out recently, Netflix is getting ready to add an audio-only mode for background listening. Of course, these are predictions and we do not have a clear idea about when it will appear.

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