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XPG Announces Spectrix D50 Xtreme Memory

XPG Announces Spectrix D50 Xtreme Memory

While the speed race of memory manufacturers was continuing, XPG joined the race with its Xtreme series memory. However, the 1.6V voltage value for 5000 MHz seems a bit higher.

XPG launched the Spectrix D50 Xtreme series memory this week. While the Xtreme series appeals to high-end systems, we only come across with 4800 and 5000 MHz kit options.

Spectrix D50 Xtreme memory modules come with high speeds as well as a renewed exterior. Along with the aluminum heat spreader, the surface used in the exterior design is mirror-like. RGB lighting, on the other hand, maintains its triangular structure.

Since we are talking about extremely high frequency speeds, it is normal for the XPG Spectrix D50 Xtreme family to only go on sale with memory kits with a maximum capacity of 16 GB. Running memory chips at frequencies like DDR4-4800 and DDR5-5000 becomes more difficult and expensive. For this reason, memory vendors typically focus on 8GB capacity per module.

The DDR4-5000 memory kit has timing (CL) values set at 19-28-28. Although these values seem normal, they require 1.6V voltage for speeds like 5000 MHz. Earlier this month, we saw 1.5V voltage values when we looked at Crurical Ballistix Max memories running at DDR4-5100 speed. Unlike 5000 MHz, the 4800 MHz version is listed with 1.5V values.

A pricing and retail date has not yet been announced by Adata. It is not possible to see memories at such high speeds in our country. But for reference, the cheapest DDR4-4800 memory on the market currently costs $ 38.

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