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Xiaomi to Announce World’s First Mini LED Panel 5G Television on September 28


Xiaomi made very remarkable statements today. Stating that it will make a television presentation on September 28, the company announced that this TV will use mini LED panel technology. In addition, Xiaomi’s new television will have 5G connectivity support.

Xiaomi, which started to attract attention with almost every product it launches, made an event announcement in the morning today. According to the statements made by the company, Xiaomi will organize an event on September 28th. One of the products to be introduced at this event will be Mi TV LUX Ultra 8K 5G. Although everything seems normal so far, Xiaomi’s upcoming television will have a very impressive feature.

The company made a new statement a few hours after its announcement in the morning. In this statement, a detail about the screen that Mi TV LUX Ultra 8K 5G will have was included. According to Xiaomi’s statements, the new television will have a mini LED panel instead of OLED. Mini LED technology seems to offer consumers a unique experience.

Xiaomi to Announce World’s First Mini LED Panel 5G Television on September 28

Xiaomi has announced two products in the Mi TV LUX series to date. One of them is 65 inches in size and appeared as a classic smart TV. However, the company launched the world’s first mass-produced transparent television in the past month. This television was named Mi TV LUX OLED Transparent Edition. Recent statements reveal that the third television in the series will also have a first in the world.

According to Xiaomi’s statements, the Mi TV LUX Ultra 8K 5G, which we will have the opportunity to meet on September 28, will be the world’s first serial production television with 5G connectivity support and mini LED panel. Users will encounter much brighter colors thanks to this panel technology. In addition, while the burning problem in OLED panels does not occur in mini LED panels, these panels have a structure as thin as OLED panels as well as less energy consumption.

Xiaomi’s new television will also be able to attract attention with 5G connection support. Since the company also sets the resolution of the television to 8K, it has opted for an internal 5G modem. However, it is currently unknown in what size this television model will be available for sale. In the past, it was stated that Xiaomi’s new TV will have an 82-inch screen produced by LG Display. All these details will be revealed with the event that Xiaomi will organize on September 28.

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