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Xiaomi MIUI 10 Introduces 4 New Features with


Xiaomi has announced 4 new features of the new Android Q-based interface, MIUI 10.

Announcing the launch of the Android Q beta test for Mi 9 users, Xiaomi introduced some features that will be available to the MIUI 10. The features, which are currently available to a limited audience, will in turn be presented to the Xiaomi phones, which received an MIUI 10 update with the Mi 9 priority in the coming months.

3D Gestures

The gestures that enable you to control your phone with motion can be used in three dimensions with MIUI 10. We don’t know how handy it is to command the phone with gestures that you can do remotely with your hand, but the shared picture visually explains many things.

AI Trash Cleaner

MIUI, which already offers a very detailed storage and memory cleaning tool, will strengthen this cleaner with artificial intelligence with its new version. The app can be used with Xiaomi’s virtual assistant and will easily clean up unnecessary files and memory on your device.

Blur for Multiple Windows

When this new feature is activated, the details of the applications will not be visible when the device is on the multi-tasking screen. In this way, MIUI 10, which will take privacy a step forward, will leave the user the choice to use this feature.

Smart Notch Hiding

This feature isn’t really new, but with the MIUI 10, notch hiding options will be duplicated. With a more customizable notch-hiding option, the MIUI 10 can make even those users who do not like notched phones love them.

This was the 4 new features that Xiaomi announced that it would launch with the MIUI 10. Starting to register for the Android Q beta with the MIUI 10 interface, Xiaomi will be launching the Android Q-based MIUI 10 update for its existing devices in the coming months.


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