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Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite features revealed

Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite features revealed

New information has emerged regarding the features of the new Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite, the new smart watch model of the Chinese Xiaomi brand. Both the design and technical specifications of the new model have been leaked. As far as it is understood, Xiaomi wants to diversify its smart watch models.

Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite features and design leaked

First of all, if we need to explain the details about the design, it is possible to say that the new model is square. On the side of the smart watch, there is a system similar to Apple Watch. As a matter of fact, the new model will come to the fore as an affordable alternative to the Xiaomi Mi Watch model announced last year.

The first remarkable detail about the technical features of the new Xiaomi smart watch is the 1.41 inch HD display. In addition, it has built-in GPS, 230 mAh internal battery and 5W charging support. Connecting with Bluetooth 5.1, the new smart watch can be used with both Android and iOS devices. It can be used with 4.4 and above versions on Android and iOS 10 and above versions on iOS side.

Currently, there is no clear information about the net release date and price. More detailed information about Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite will continue to emerge in the following days.

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