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Xiaomi Mi Box 4S Pro that supports 8K was introduced!

Xiaomi Mi Box 4S Pro that supports 8K was introduced!

With the development of technology, the TV industry has come to a different position in many aspects. Especially today’s 4K TVs allow watching movies and TV series in a more comfortable way than cinema. With the smart TVs, it was possible to watch services such as Netflix and YouTube in a home environment. However, there are also solutions such as Mi Box or Chromecast for smart or not enough TVs. Now the Xiaomi Mi Box 4S Pro, which attracts attention with its features, has been introduced.

Xiaomi Mi Box 4S Pro features

Being among the most popular Android TV alternatives on the market, the Mi Box series aims to offer a reasonable amount of features at an affordable price. With the launch of the Mi Box 4S and Mi TV Stick in the past months, the competition in the market has started to increase. In addition to the Xiaomi Mi Box, there are alternative solutions such as Apple TV and Google Chromecast in this market.

The Mi Box 4S Pro, introduced by Xiaomi today, draws attention with its features. Coming with 8K resolution support, Mi Box 4S Pro promises a high-end experience. This feature makes it one of the rare 8K resolution products on the market. When we look at the other features of the product, we also see HDMI 2.1 support. In addition to these, 16 GB of storage space, 2 GB of RAM and voice control features with Bluetooth are also included in the product.

Mi Box 4S Pro, which includes the MIUI interface, is expected to have a USB port. The price of the product, which will be sold with pre-order in China from November 5th, is approximately 60 dollars. We can say that it is almost half more expensive than the Mi Box 4S, which comes with a price tag of $ 43. The Xiaomi Mi Box 4S Pro is expected to go on sale in the global market. The product, which comes with the MIUI interface in China, will be offered with the Android TV interface in the global market.

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