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Xiaomi Mi Band 5 exploded while charging: Here are the details


The new generation smart bracelet of the Chinese technology giant Xiaomi is on the agenda with an unpleasant accident. Mi Band 5 of a user living in Europe caught fire and exploded while charging.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 exploded while charging: Here are the details

The new year started pretty bad for a Xiaomi user. According to the news of Gizchina Italy website, the Mi Band 5 owned by the user in question exploded while charging.

It is stated that the incident took place in Italy or Portugal. This detail is important because it shows that the exploded model is the global version of Mi Band 5 sold in Europe.

The user said that the smart bracelet caught fire 10 minutes after it started charging, and then an explosion occurred. He also stated that he bought the Mi Band 5 from Amazon and used the original charger.

The exploded bracelet was sent back to the seller, but so far no return has been received from Amazon. As a result, any defects in these electronic products and components can cause such unpleasant accidents to occur.

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