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Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra destroyed DxOMark!

Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra destroyed DxOMark!

Xiaomi introduced its new flagship developed specifically for its 10th year of entry into the smartphone industry. With the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra camera, which has a high-end hardware, it has reached the top by overturning the DxOMark test.

If you recall the features of the camera device in front of the details: 48 megapixel wide-angle main camera with f/1.9 diaphragm, 48 megapixel f/4.1, 12 megapixel phone f/2.0 and ultraviolet camera 20 megapixel f/2.2. 24 FPS in resolution, 60 FPS in resolution, 60 FPS with video recording capability, 5x optical and 120x digital scaling.

Mi 10 Ultra, which scored 130 points from DxOMark, 142 points for a photo shoot and 106 points for a video shoot. His closest competitor Huawei P40 Pro has 128 points per camera. The difference between the two devices is only two points.

During the DxOMark tests, it was noted that the main and telephone cameras showed quite successful work, as well as an ultralight camera that distinguishes the new flagship Xiaomi from other phones, and a periscope camera with optical scaling 5x. It is noted that the 12 mm ultraviolet chamber in the Ultra S20 left the 13 mm ultraviolet chamber behind. It is noted that he also performs well in automatic focusing.

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