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Xiaomi introduced the charger compatible with iPhone 12!

Xiaomi introduced the charger compatible with iPhone 12!

It was seen that Apple introduced the iPhone 12s at its recent event. Apple’s simplification of the contents of the box was on the agenda more than these new iPhones that were highly anticipated. France was the only exception of Apple, which announced that for environmental reasons, no charging adapter and headphones would come out of the box, because there is a special law that requires headphones from the phones. With this exception, Apple’s box includes only the device. Companies that took advantage of this situation also took action. One of them, Xiaomi, comes up with a charger compatible with iPhone 12!

Charger compatible with Xiaomi iPhone 12 supports 20W fast charging

Before Apple removed the charging adapter from the contents of the box, it offered a 5W charger on the iPhone 11 and an 18W USB-C charging adapter with the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. In addition, MagSafe appears as a different charging method in iPhone 12s.

Apple’s MagSafe charger is available for $ 39 and a 20W adapter for $ 19. If you want to buy a Lightning cable from a USB-C suitable for a 20W adapter, you have to pay at least $ 19.

Xiaomi also creates an alternative with a very competitive figure. Xiaomi’s charger with the same power draws attention with its price of $ 5. While this device is compatible with Apple devices, it also has multiple fast charging protocols so it is compatible with other brands.

The Xiaomi signed 20W charger has a white color and a weight of 43.8 grams. As can be expected, the device, which will first go on sale in China, will be available on November 3.

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