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Xiaomi Announces Release of ‘MIUI 11’

Xiaomi Announces Release of ‘MIUI 11’

MIUI 11, the latest version of the Android-based interface for users of Chinese technology manufacturer Xiaomi, will be available to users soon.

The mobile operating system Android, which Google continues to develop, is open source and offers great advantages to smartphone manufacturers. Taking advantage of this structure of Android, technology manufacturers create their own Android-based interfaces and offer their users a special experience.

One of the companies that create their own interface using the Android base is Xiaomi. Xiaomi is currently working on its own interface MIUI, and it seems that the new version of the interface MIUI 11 is shortly available.

Some months ago, the company officials announced some details about the features of the MIUI 11. In recent weeks, the company’s product manager said that the ads will not be removed completely, but that fewer advertisements will run with MIUI 11, referring to the advertising issue that users complain about.

Xiaomi Product Manager, once again explaining MIUI 11, did not clearly explain when the new interface would be available to users, but made a hint. According to the product manager, MIUI 11 will be available to users in the not too distant future.

MIUI 11, which will be available to users in the near future, will offer many innovations to the users. Within the scope of these innovations, all the icons of MIUI 11 have been redesigned. In addition, a new power-saving mode will be available to users, allowing users to use only the message and call features. If this mode is activated, the MIUI 11’s color system will also change and become monochrome for maximum power savings.

If you are the owner of a Xiaomi or Redmi phone, your phone can also receive the MIUI 11 update.


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