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‘Xiaomi’ 34 Inch Curved eSport Monitor Coming


Xiaomi, a Chinese manufacturer, is known for its smartphones, but has developed over the years in many products. In November, the company will produce a 34-inch curved monitor. The target of the monitor will be e-athletes.

Chinese manufacturers Huawei and Xiaomi have an interesting competition between them and both companies produce in many fields. Although Xiaomi remains relatively in the background, the company has a very serious product range.

Finally, a huge monitor will be added to the Chinese giant’s product range. The last product of the company; players, or rather e-athletes. There is not much information about the features of the 34-inch curved monitor. Nevertheless, it is known that the camera will have a refresh rate of 144Hz, QHD + resolution and a 21: 9 screen aspect ratio.

‘Xiaomi’ 34 Inch Curved eSport Monitor Coming

Various Product Options

Xiaomi had made moves to the players before. The company’s Mi Gaming Laptop 2019 was also a laptop for gamers. Under the umbrella of Xiaomi, there are also companies that make products for players like Black Shark.

Recently, the demand for curved and large screens has started to decrease. Xiaomi always has the habit of offering affordable products for sale. Xiaomi could find a serious customer base if the display of such a display was reduced at a reasonable price with reduced demand.


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