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XCloud in beta! Conditions for use

XCloud in beta! Conditions for use

The cloud gaming system xCloud, developed by Microsoft, began to meet with players as beta. Players must meet some conditions to move to using beta. They have a Bluetooth-enabled game console. Together with developers participating in Xbox Insiders, players will be able to try the beta stage.

Microsoft xCloud continues to prepare for a meeting with players. As a last step, the service launched the use of Android devices. Xbox Insiders and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will be available for download through the Google Play Store.

However, not every user has a beta subscription. After receiving a pre-subscription, the terms of the invitation will be put on the wanted list. He can request an invitation to the game preview system.

On the beta page of xCloud published by Xbox, it says that the invitation can take several months. Anyone can play Xbox games online. Players who want to will be able to play on an Android phone using their own Xbox consoles.

Of course, a game console with Bluetooth support is needed for the game. The date of the preliminary games was shown in October next year.

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