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Xbox Series X may come with a heating problem!

Xbox Series X may come with a heating problem!

It was sent to game editors and publishers before the Xbox Series X came out. These people spend long periods of time inspecting and testing the device before the console comes out. In this way, they can offer an idea for users who do not have an idea about the console.

Xbox Series X may come with overheating problem

Some editors shot a video where they talked about the test. First of all, many expressed their satisfaction with the console. They were talking about the performance of the games, loading times and graphics. But CNET video editor and Giant Beatcast member Jeff Bakalar started talking about the console standing behind him. He said it was warm even though it was inactive, and the console was running very quietly.

In the excitement of the conversation, Bakalar took out the SSD cartridge of the console sitting on the back, saying the cartridge was hot at the time and quickly released it. Unfortunately, the person who posted the video removed the video from the uploaded platform. After these news, Microsoft announced that the Xbox Series X did not get hotter than the Xbox One X. The editor may be positioned to block the console’s vents or to allow less air. When Microsoft introduced the console, the subject he praised the most was cooling. However, once the console comes out, we’ll be sure about this situation.

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