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Xbox Series S sharing no one noticed

Xbox Series S sharing no one noticed

A wonderful statement was made about the new Microsoft Xbox Series S. game console. The official Xbox Twitter account presented Microsoft’s collaboration with Xbox Series S. And it was noticed that no one noticed this. Apparently, in the future there will be more detailed control over publications.

Xbox Series S share prior to the promotion

From the official Xbox account, it was humorously revealed that Microsoft had previously leaked the Xbox Series S game console, but no one noticed it.

Xbox Series S. In July 2020, as part of an online interview with Phil Spencer on the Microsoft website, the Xbox Series S. model was presented. Carefully, the Xbox Series S model is shown on the shelves of the cabinets in the room where Phil Spencer participated in the broadcast. This means that Microsoft tried to merge a new game console a few months before the official presentation, but no one noticed this.

In a joking interview on Twitter, Phil Spencer also interacted and announced his names on Twitter. But, as it turned out, he was not seen before.

After this exchange, it turned out that Microsoft publications will be monitored from a different point of view. In the future, despite the unlikely introduction of a similar leak, many people will study publications in more detail.

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