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Xbox Series S price announced! Here is the design

Xbox Series S price announced! Here is the design

The new Microsoft Xbox Series S game console appeared at the beginning of the day in price and design. Players were very pleased that this console, which will replace the Xbox One S, will be sold at $299, and after intense interest in the leak, an official statement from Microsoft appeared.

Xbox Series S price and design are official!

In the sharing made on Xbox’s Twitter account, the price of Xbox Series X was announced as $ 299. The technical features of the console, whose design is revealed on the Xbox with the slogan of new generation performance, are currently unknown. ‘We can’t wait to share more! Coming soon. Expressions are used.

We currently do not know what kind of losses this affordable price will cause compared to other consoles. However, according to some sources, the GPU performance will be at the level of 4 teraflops.

Although there is no information about its dimensions yet, it is possible to say that it will be smaller than the Xbox Series X model.

Let me remind you that at the price of the Xbox Series X are charged at $499. But the direct leak, like the Xbox Series S model, does not rise. And in the coming days, new information will appear.

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