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Xbox Series S Controller!

Xbox Series S Controller!

An affordable next-generation Microsoft Xbox Series S console has appeared with our controller. Let’s see what the new controller looks like.

In recent months, Microsoft has met with the Xbox Series X, a new generation gaming console. It was assumed that next to the “Series X,” which will become the most powerful console in the world, an accessible console will be presented. And today we can say that the Xbox Series S model officially confirmed its existence.

It is still unknown what this console will look like from a design point of view, which will cost $399 and become more powerful than the Xbox One X. Like the new generation One S console, we expect the Series X to become a little smaller.

This affordable console, introduced in August or no later than September, is likely to come without a Blu-ray driver to keep the price. It is expected that the Series S, which will be the top One X in terms of technical characteristics, will be a great success in relation to PlayStation 5. So far, a console that will only be white is likely to be in a smaller structure.

The controller, which will be the same as Seris X, will get white as DualSense. Microsoft, which this time will again execute keys with the mechanism, will fully support both its own consoles Windows/macOS and iOS/Android.

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