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Xbox Series commercial video released!

Xbox Series commercial video released!

Microsoft has released the Xbox Series ad video for users. The video also includes images of some games that will be released on the console.

Xbox Series commercial video: “Power up your dreams”

In the first scene, the actor falls towards the sea, just then looking at what is happening with the air hanging. If we look at the sails of the boats in the play in this scene, we can understand that Assassins represent Creed Valhalla. In the next scene we see Halo’s main character, Master Chief. The Master Chief then grows out of the planet. It is unknown to which game this scene is referenced, perhaps it may be Starfield, which Bethesda continues to develop. After all, Starfield was announced as the RPG version of No Man’s Sky.

Xbox Series X | S will hit the shelves on November 10th.

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