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World’s First Block Chain Camera Is On Sale


UCAM, the world’s first blockchain-based home security camera developed as a result of the IoTEX and Tenvis partnership, was announced. This camera has quite different features from the models we are used to.

Every new technology disturbs existing methods or technologies and tries to take their place. This is one of the motivations that underlie technological changes. Blockchain technology is one of the technologies that will bring the most change in the new era.

We have seen various systems and products using this technology before. These products now include the new UCAM camera, a product of IoTEX and Tenvis collaboration. UCAM will be essentially a next generation security camera and will use the blockchain foundation.

More than a normal camera

World’s First Block Chain Camera Is On Sale

UCAM is a device that is not inferior to a conventional security camera in terms of functionality. There are some differences that make this camera stand out. These include premium features such as Full HD 1080p video recording and playback, 360 degree vision, night vision, motion detection alarm and two-way audio.

What makes UCAM special is the security measures in the device itself. Thanks to end-to-end encryption, data can only be seen by users at both ends of the system, and no one else can interfere with the system. Thanks to the IoTEX blockchain and decentralization systems, it is also clear who can see the content and for how long.

In addition, the images recorded by UCAM are happening to the user. No one else can access these images, including IoTEX or Tenvis. The images are only for the owner of the camera.

Technical specifications of UCAM blockchain camera

It is possible to list the features of UCAM as follows:

  • Increased Privacy and Security
  • 1080p HD Video recording
  • 360 degree shooting angle
  • Motion detector
  • Night vision
  • Bi-directional fog
  • Lifetime technical support

UCAM claims that by using blockchain technology, it will have a more advanced security network than existing systems. Although we will see new uses of this technology in the future, the camera will be a first. UCAM’s price was also announced as $ 44.95.

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