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World’s first antibacterial phone launches

World’s first antibacterial phone launches

The world’s first antibacterial smartphone was manufactured in the UK. It was stated that the ions placed on the surface of the phone prevent the growth and reproduction of bacteria.

After the coronavirus epidemic that affected the world, technology companies also entered the hygiene race. Technology firm Bullitt in the UK produced the first smartphone to prevent bacteria from multiplying and spreading.

Although the silver ions on the surface of the smartphone, called Cat S42, do not kill bacteria or viruses, they prevent the spread of pathogens.

Company officials claimed that the smartphone reduced the number of bacteria by 80 percent within 15 minutes and by 99.9 percent within 24 hours.

Can also be washed with bleach
The phone’s manufacturer’s engineers explained that the device is completely waterproof and can be washed regularly with soap and water, disinfectants, and even bleach to keep it clean.

The device, which will be launched in early 2021, can currently be pre-ordered for 229 pounds.

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