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World’s fastest wireless charging technology from Xiaomi


Xiaomi announced the world’s fastest wireless charging technology with 80W power, which was previously reported. This is the third biggest development of the company this year in terms of wireless charging technology.

Xiaomi pushes the limits with wireless charging technology!

According to the information announced by the company, thanks to the new wireless charging technology, a 4,000 mAh battery can be fully charged in 19 minutes. It is claimed that it takes 8 minutes for the battery to reach half the level.

The company’s previous fastest wireless charging technology was 50W that came with the Mi 10 Ultra, which was released last August. Before that, Xiaomi announced the 40W wireless charging technology last March.

When it comes to wireless charging technology, Xiaomi has come a long way in a short time. The Chinese company first offered wireless charging support on the Mi MIX 2S device, which only supports 7.5W. While the Mi MIX 3 was announced with 10W support, this value increased up to 20W with the Mi 9 flagship in the following period.

However, the company is not satisfied with this. According to recent rumors, Xiaomi is working on a 100W fast charging technology that will become official next year. This super fast charging technology is expected to arrive with the next generation flagship and be announced in advance. The company now has the fastest wireless charging technology in the world, how long do you think it can hold on to?

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