With Apple Fitness+, you can lose weight even in quarantine!

With Apple Fitness you can lose weight even in quarantine
With Apple Fitness +, you can lose weight even in quarantine!

It caught everyone’s attention when Apple launched Fitness + earlier this year. The company offers a variety of exercise videos for $ 10 a month and promises to be added frequently.

This concept is of course not new. Companies such as Peloton, Daily Burn, Alo Yoga, and ClassPass have been offering on-demand videos to their members since the outbreak. There’s also a lot of free workout content on YouTube and Instagram. However, Apple’s service is tightly integrated into the smartwatch series that displays measurements such as time, heart rate and progress on your wrist. Apple Music also allows you to see which songs are pre-played and add them to your playlist. Apple Watch integration that makes Fitness + different from other fitness platforms.

With Apple Fitness you can lose weight even in quarantine 1

You need an Apple Watch to use Fitness +. The service is designed for use with it. Although you can train without wearing the watch, you need to add one to your account to access Fitness +. All Apple TVs must have the app installed and when you click Fitness +, the streaming box will scan the surrounding Apple watches before launching the program. If it detects that there is none nearby, you won’t be able to start the app. Once you’ve chosen your workout, press the “Let’s Get Started” button on your iPhone (or iPad or Apple TV), your watch will vibrate and display a play button to start the session when you’re ready.

Then, as you exercise, metrics such as your heart rate, elapsed time, and progress towards your activity rings will appear on the screen. There is also an version of Apple calling it the “typing stick” that measures your performance against other users and shows where you place it. The typing bar is motivating, but it only appears in some videos like HIIT workouts.

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Seeing your progress made easier with Apple Fitness +

As you can imagine, the best thing about Fitness + is the way it integrates with Apple devices. In the old routine, you had to connect to the Apple Watch to record your activity, hit the play button on your remote, and then press the start button on your wrist. As you jump, you had to look at the clock to see your heartbeat and trajectory. Now you can follow the application update in a more practical way.

With the updated Fitness +, Apple is doing its best for beginners to the workout world. But it can do better at including intermediate and advanced users. Over time, novice users will improve and may think that Fitness + ‘is no longer difficult enough. Apple can easily add more videos that are more difficult over time. The good news is that with its excellent technology, Fitness + laid the foundation for a satisfying service that can grow with its users.

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