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Windows XP source code leaked!

Windows XP source code leaked!

According to information in a report, Windows XP source code, Microsoft’s 19-year-old operating system, has been leaked. Hackers shared these leaked source codes on a website.

Windows XP source code leaked and users are in danger!

A torrent file uploaded to 4chan is said to contain 43 GB of data. Source codes of Windows 2000, Windows CE, MS DOS, Windows Embedded and Windows NT are also included in the leaked data. Whoever was responsible for the leak is thought to have a grudge against Bill Gates, because the file contains videos slandering Gates. However, the accuracy of the leaked source code was not confirmed, but Microsoft was notified of this problem.

A Microsoft spokesperson told TechRadar Pro, “We are doing research and we will take appropriate action to help protect customers. found in the description.

Even though Windows XP support ended in 2014, a surprising number of users continue to use XP. According to data released last month, 1.26 percent of laptops and desktops worldwide still use XP. Windows 8 newer than XP has 0.57 percent and Windows Vista has 0.12 percent user rates.

According to estimates, there are more than 1 billion Windows operating system computers in circulation around the world. If the predictions are correct, that means 25.2 million computers continue to run on XP.

With the advent of the source code, it becomes much easier to find vulnerabilities in the operating system. This means that more than 25 million PCs are under threat. Another disturbing situation is that the found security vulnerabilities can also occur in Windows 10. After all, the architecture of Windows operating systems is similar.

The source code for XP has been in the hands of hackers for years, according to the source code leaker.

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