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Windows 10X screenshot leaked

Windows 10X screenshot leaked

Microsoft introduced its new devices and the Windows 10X version at its event last month. The company did not publish detailed information about the operating system. However, a twitter user recently shared a Windows 10X screenshot.

Windows 10X has a different look

Microsoft makes radical changes to the Windows operating system at certain intervals. The company announced that it would not release any other version with the latest Windows 10 update and included a new operating system in the Surface event.

WalkingCat nickname twitter user has discovered the cache of Windows 10X on Microsoft servers. The user who took screenshots through this cache shared information about the operating system. From the shared screenshot, the start menu is not suitable for tablet use.

Similar to the Windows 8 menu, there are shortcut icons in the lower part of the screenshot. According to the information obtained in the interface used in the background applications to run faster. Sticky Notes, Feedback Hub, Microsoft Office-style applications will be booted in Windows 10X operating system. Applications can be uninstalled via their own icons.

The interface called Santorini will also support face recognition for entry. Microsoft is working with the Windows 10X operating system to bring users into their ecosystem. The leaked documents clearly show that detailed studies have been carried out on this subject. The images are displayed in order of date on the main screen.


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