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Windows 10X operating system introduced

Windows 10X operating system introduced

One of the first to come to mind when it comes to the operating system, Microsoft today introduced the new operating system. As the most widely used user-oriented operating system in the world, Windows brings many innovations with its new version.

The Windows 10X operating system is more modular.

Microsoft, as of today, introduced the new operating system, as well as new devices. Specifically in terms of tablet usage, the Windows 10X operating system, which is stated to be more comfortable with its innovations, seems to meet the needs of today. Microsoft had to terminate the Windows Mobile operating system in recent years. Frustrated by the lack of full mobile compatibility of the Windows operating system and inadequate application support, the company will enter the devices with more decisive steps.

Microsoft announced that it will release Windows 10X in a compatible way to its newly introduced dual-screen tablet. Underlining that it will be more modular with dual screen support, the company stated that they are working to provide experience above today’s standards. The company, which caused problems with backward compatibility with Windows 10, said that it had found a solution with this newly introduced operating system. However, this issue will be cleared on the user side after the operating system is released. It is thought that he needs to make such a statement since he gets complaints about the Windows 10 S version.

With the introduction of smart devices, companies are working to provide users with the same operating system on all their devices. As users’ mobile device usage increases day by day, Microsoft plans to provide an operating system that will have no problems synchronizing with mobile devices. Unfortunately, the Windows family stayed in the classroom nowadays. Stating that these problems will be overcome with Windows 10X officials said the new operating system will provide a more streamlined and secure experience.


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