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Windows 10 usage rate exceeded 50%


The software giant’s current operating system sometimes hosts critical errors, but continues to spread in the market.

Windows 10 usage rate exceeded 50%

Microsoft’s update policy changes to Windows 10, users are subjected to harsh criticism because of updates. However, the modern version continues to be adopted day by day.

Windows 10 usage rate exceeds 50%

According to Net Applications, Windows 10 is installed on more than 50% of computers worldwide. Windows 7, which follows the popular operating system, has fallen to 30.34% from its 43.82% share two years ago. Windows 8.1 has not been accepted by users since its release.

The situation is unchanged, with 4.21% share followed by the veteran XP of the year with 1.57%. Obviously, the number of systems with XP installed on the Internet is lower than modern systems, considering the figures are normal. Because some old but not connected computers are still used for simple operations.

Net Applications collects these figures through browsers which it believes more accurately reflect the distribution in the market. Therefore, it is normal to see differences with other studies.

However, it seems that Windows 7, the years-old version of Windows, has been abandoned by users in 2020 because it will be deprived of security updates. We will continue to share developments with you in the coming days.

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