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Windows 10 October update has reached its final version

Windows 10 October update has reached its final version

Microsoft presented the final preview of the Windows update on October 10 to users registered with Insider. The update, which will be available to everyone soon, has many updates.

Windows 10 October update has reached its final version

The new monthly update for Windows 10, which is the highest system in the global operating system market, will soon be published for everyone. The Windows 10 20H2 Update for Insider users currently has many updates.

One of these innovations is the renewal of the design of the Start menu. In addition, notifications have been improved and the Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser comes preloaded, replacing the old one.

It has been announced that Microsoft Edge, which has switched to Chromium structure, has a market share of 5 percent according to August 2020 data. The share of the scanner in all systems is 2.3 percent. The leader of the browser market is of course Google Chrome.

Another feature Microsoft brought to the Edge browser is the ALT + TAB key combination to switch between browser tabs. If you are included in the Insider program, you can select Download and install Windows 10 20H2 update from the Settings> Update & Security> Windows Update menu.

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