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Will Sony announce the PSP 2 or PS Vita 2?

Will Sony announce the PSP 2 or PS Vita 2?

Sony has made a clear statement about whether it will produce a handheld console in the next generation. Let’s see if products like PSP 2 or PS Vita 2 will be produced in the coming years.

Sony, Nintendo’s launch of the handheld console fury with PSP had increased. PS Vita with more powerful games in this area to compete with the company, unfortunately could not find the hope. Third-party game developers, as well as their own studio for PS Vita not developed games for the dead after the console was wondering what Sony will do.

Bad news for PSP 2 and PS Vita 2

The Sony front, which has stopped PS Vita’s production in recent months, has made clear statements about whether it will produce a new generation of handheld consoles today. Sony’s Jim Ryan said they will no longer produce a handheld console in the next generation. Stating that PS Vita is quite successful, Jim Ryan emphasized that they will focus on PlayStation 5 in the next generation.

The Nintendo Switch, which continues to blow the market with Nintendo Switch, has launched Nintendo Switch Lite to strengthen its hand in the handheld console area. It’s hard to compete with the Nintendo Switch models, which are arguably the best handheld console.

In order to compete in this field, Sony has to make its own studios produce games for handheld consoles and even these games should be exclusive to this console. While third-party game developers and their studios are focused on the PlayStation 5, it doesn’t seem possible.

Sony probably will not meet the expectations of those who have been waiting for PSP 2 or PS Vita 2 for many years. We hope to see a handheld console from Sony that will sound like a PSP.

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