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WiFi Alliance announced its decision on Huawei!


After the United States declared National Emergency, some technology companies suspended their relations with Huawei. Following these decisions, some statements were made from both the Huawei and the US front. The WiFi Alliance also has an explanation on the issue. The WiFi Alliance made an important statement about the principle of membership in Huawei. The alliance of the Huawei ban was also joined by an alliance.

The WiFi Alliance, which is a consortium of American technology companies, announced that Huawei has temporarily restricted its membership. This means that Huawei cannot influence decisions on future wireless technology standards.

The WiFi Alliance, which acts according to the US decree, announced that it has temporarily limited its membership to Huawei. As you might recall, Huawei was accused by the Trump administration of damaging the US.

Commenting on the issue, the WiFi Alliance said the decision was in full compliance with the decision of the US Department of Commerce. Huawei, whose membership is restricted, will be able to use WiFi standards.

Huawei has until 19 August to do business with US companies. Then the decree will enter into force.

The Chinese company was also removed from the SD Union and JEDEC. SD Union, as the name suggests, sets production standards in SD cards. The Union’s decision to take this decision means that there will be no SD card entry on Huawei branded phones.

JEDEC sets standards for USB and RAM.

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