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Why do new games require more storage?

Why do new games require more storage?

Today’s games are taking up a lot of space. Games like the new Call of Duty and Red Dead Redemption 2 require 150 GB of storage space. Why do new games require more storage?

High Resolution grabs

If we go back to 2001, this is the output of GTA 3. When GTA 3 was first released, the storage space required was only 500 MB. Even today’s games can not even read esame. The GTA V needs 80 GB of storage. High-resolution tissue packs take up a lot of space.

Especially 4K coating packages take up more space. Nowadays, every game promises better graphics. The developers have almost started a graphic race between each other. This race allows us to play high resolution games. In addition, this race, the development of game engines has pioneered.

Growth of game maps

The spread of open world games makes maps even bigger. Almost became a race of map size among developers. In addition, large maps are added to the games with a high overlay package, which increases storage space. This kind of large-scale games with large maps extend the loading screens. Developers are doing their best to remove the installation screens as well. An example is the recent God Of War.

When you travel fast, the main character enters a door and leaves you in control. You have to walk to the next door and you have completed the fast journey. The fast travel sequence here was actually the interregional loading screen. The developers fed it so well that you didn’t even notice that the game engine loaded that part.

Reducing storage volumes and accelerating Internet connections

Developers were able to keep the size small, albeit thinking about the digital market while making their games. The acceleration of Internet connections has removed the obstacle for developers. In this way, they can produce games with high coverage and resolution. They also upgraded the details of the games. The small details in the RDR 2 can draw the player more comfortably. Thanks to these small details, they can create a living environment. More detail means more storage space. With the cheapness of storage devices, the storage barrier, another obstacle in front of them, is removed.

Continuous development of the gaming industry

The game sector is developing in direct proportion with technology. With the development of technology, games have become more detailed and better quality. Reductions in storage hardware began in other hardware parts. Developers have developed game engines to help make games look more vivid and beautiful. The ease of use of the game engines also triggered independent developers. In this way, many beautiful games made by independent developers began to emerge.

Nowadays, a large part of the systems that come out of a certain standard. One of the main reasons for this is the assumption that every user can play.

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