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Why are DxOMark tests delayed? Here is the explanation

Why are DxOMark tests delayed? Here is the explanation

DxOMark phone rankings are an extremely important criterion for many users. Because the camera and sound tests performed on this platform both determine the brand preferences of the people and directly affect the revenues of the brands.

When we take a look at DxOMark, we see that the latest tested smartphone is Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra. It is known that this test was conducted on August 11, 2020. Why are the tests so delayed? The expected explanation came.

Why is the DxoMark phone rank updated late?

We have said that the Mi 10 Ultra was tested by this team and it surpassed its competitors in the photos taken with the rear cameras. We are about to finish September, but the number of smartphone models waiting to be examined is gradually increasing.

Models that should be tested include flagship phones such as Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, Galaxy Z Fold 2, Galaxy S20 FE, ASUS Zenfone 7, Zenfone 7 Pro, and Sony Xperia 5 II. DxOMark made a statement on this subject from its Twitter account.

In the statement made, it was said that some exciting changes were made in the test criteria and therefore several reviews were delayed. DxOMark announced that users know they are curious about the new test results and these results will be published in the last days of October.

Based on this, we can say that the current phone ranking will be upset with the arrival of new models. Do you think there will be a phone that can dethrone the Mi 10 Ultra in the new ranking? We welcome your comments and predictions.

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