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Why Apple Doesn’t Sue Employees Leaking iPhones?

Why Apple Doesn’t Sue Employees Leaking iPhones?

In-house leaks related to the new smartphones can be very frustrating for the company. As you know, the features of new phones are usually kept secret until a certain period of time and then everything is explained at an event. So how does a big company, especially Apple, not expel employees or give them to the police?

When a case design or any other component of an iPhone phone that has not yet come out is leaked, it is usually made by a worker who works at the assembly factory in China. Apple tracks these leaks with great care, but their punishment is not too great. There is a very logical reason behind Apple’s policy.

First of all, it is worth noting that Apple does not take such leaks seriously. There is even a team established just to prevent such leaks. This team takes over as soon as a leak occurs about the expected iPhones or iPads, and starts a successful trail of the source of the leak. One of the most striking examples of this issue, the iPhone 5C was not yet released 180 phone cases were stolen and was offered for sale on the black market. Apple found each of these cases and bought them one by one.

The most important factor in these processes is that the police are generally not included. After Apple’s security team finds the employee who made the leak, his identity becomes a company secret. The arrest of this person is a very rare event. Because Apple refuses to attract an unwanted interest by involving the police.

The reason why the police are not involved. If this process is carried out together with the police, Apple is trying to avoid these leaks, in fact, somewhere in the fact that these leaks are real. In other words, as long as Apple does not make a moderate move, all the leaks remain gossip.

In addition, Appleā€™s involved in the process of police to keep the secret information about this device has to give all Chinese police. Because in a lawsuit, this information is used as evidence against the person who made the leak. Apple’s inability to sanction the employee does not even result in this. Apple is often unable to retain the right to fire employees who made this leak because it usually collaborates with third-party Asian companies. But of course they ask the company to fire this employee.


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