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When will the One UI 3 UI update be released?

When will the One UI 3 UI update be released?

Samsung has not released a calendar for its new UI, One UI 3, until now. The first date information for the interface, which is expected to be released for the Galaxy S20 and Note 20 series, came from Malaysia. So when will the One UI 3 interface update be released?

When will the One UI 3 UI update be released?

So far, Samsung has given no secret to the One UI 3 update date. Judging by the information revealed yesterday, the update date appeared on the Samsung Malaysia page.

Samsung announced on its Malaysia page that it will be published after November 2020. There is also a possibility that this given date will be special for Malaysia. Accordingly, Samsung may start releasing for the Galaxy S20 and Note 20 series in the USA and America in November.

The predictions are that the One UI 3 interface update may appear in December and beyond. Built on the Android 11 operating system, this user interface will come up with much more advanced features.

The One UI 3 interface will appear in a structure that allows the always-on screen to be personalized. Accordingly, it becomes possible to add widgets to the lock screen. Again, more customization options for the always-on display and widgets can be added to this screen.

Again, Samsung virtual assistant Bixby will gain new capabilities with this new interface. On the side of the camera software, the improved auto focus and automatic exposure function will be further developed. Improved stabilization will also be offered to users with One UI 3 when taking photos of the moon at high zoom levels.

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