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Wheelchair for disabled people to stand upright

Wheelchair for disabled people to stand upright

Tools are being developed for wheelchair-bound disabled individuals using new technology. The wheelchair, which allows to stand upright, was designed based on this need.

For the situation in question, Suzanne Brewer developed the “Segway style” wheelchair that allows users to stand upright. Although similarly designed vehicles already exist, this vehicle designed by Brewer has a much more compact design.

Wheelchair design that allows to stand upright

London-based architect Suzanna Brewer designed a prototype wheelchair with only two wheels and a saddle seat that transforms the user from sitting to standing in one fluid movement.

Also known as the “Walking Wheelchair”, the vehicle allows the passenger to interact with their environment at the height of a healthy person, thus ensuring that the person is happier in social life. Brewer, who co-developed the design with his son Jarvis, says: “It provides standing in many situations, such as presenting at work, serving in a bar or walking down the aisle.

The vehicle has now managed to attract attention in many ways. This vehicle, which has been nominated for some awards, seems to be more frequent in the coming days.

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