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WhatsApp is testing a very interesting feature

WhatsApp is testing a very interesting feature

WhatsApp, while maintaining its position among the most preferred messaging applications, plans to meet criticism about security. The popular messaging application, which features security end-to-end encryption, is now testing ‘self-destructing messages.

WABetaInfo, known for its infiltrated information, says it has added a feature such as Snapchat and Instagram that has been deleted after a while, with beta tests. With this feature, WhatsApp will allow you to set up messages to self-destruct after a certain period of time.

WhatsApp calls for security with self-destruct messages

This feature, which appeared in 2.19.275 version of the messaging application, is not available to everyone because it is in beta. It is thought that the disappearance of the messages within 5 seconds or an hour is a very useful feature for those who are worried about security and who do not want their messages to remain recorded.

Sending self-deleting messages using the app’s secret chats feature isn’t really new, as it’s already built into WhatsApp’s notorious enemy Telegram. Last year, Gmail added a similar feature to its redesign process.

It is not yet known when this beta feature of the popular messaging application, which promises more security, will be released from beta testing or available to users. But with the addition of this feature, users can experience a more secure messaging experience.


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