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WhatsApp feature returns

WhatsApp feature returns

WhatsApp just took a new step towards deleted messages and did a miracle for those who wanted to transfer messages between phones. The popular messaging app now wants to revive the feature it raised to the rack in 2018. Learn more about this feature, called Archive Message Rest Mode WhatsApp:

WhatsApp archive messages Vacation Mode feature

This feature keeps the archived conversation silent until users close the feature. This feature was removed WABetaInfo for unknown reasons. This feature will now be returned using leak exchange.

The rest mode function for archived messages will WhatsApp come into use with some changes and a new form. On the one hand, Messenger’s Rest Mode feature will also have a separate and special section that offers users separate options for choosing different options.

If the user activates the new property, after moving all archived chats to the top (this is an existing feature) and here he will see a new parameter for notifications.

Usually, two options will be offered that are not present in archived messages, the first of which is the automatic concealment of chats. Thus, the user will not be notified when a new message appears to the messages he has archived and the message will continue to remain in the archives.

Summarizing: The new feature allows people not to receive notifications if they ask for archived messages.

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