WhatsApp CEO hits Apple

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WhatsApp CEO hits Apple

In an interview, WhatsApp CEO Will Cathcart addressed the challenges of competing with Apple iMessage. At the same time, the manager of the popular messaging app shared remarks on WhatsApp’s new privacy policy.

Speaking to the popular technology-focused podcast Big Technology Podcast, Will Cathcart answered questions posed to him. Apple is unfair to other third-party apps on its ecosystem, the official said, sharing details of the competition with its users.

Cathcart, a guest on a podcast that aired over the weekend, made strong statements about Apple. WhatsApp explicitly sends its privacy policies to users, he said. He explained that iMessage did not do this:

“When you download, you don’t see a privacy alert for iMessage. Because you’re not downloading iMessage. Your phone is already automatically downloaded when you start. We criticize it.”

WhatsApp CEO hits Apple 1

WhatsApp has been testing the direct money sending system in some restricted regions, especially India. For this, there is an inclusive clause in the privacy policy, Will Cathcart said, adding that Apple does not do so. Because it is also possible to send money from iMessage. But the WhatsApp CEO accuses Apple of not publishing it on its privacy tags.

“Apple doesn’t want people to use Android phones”

WhatsApp CEO Cathcart, who has been heavily critical of his rivals in the program, accused Apple of not wanting people to use Android phones. That’s why the company is also taking a stand against WhatsApp and similar apps, he says. According to Cathcart, this is a strategic interest for Apple.

Will Cathcart, who says he uses an Android smartphone in his daily life, stresses that Android apps are not adequately supported in the Apple ecosystem:

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“I use an Android phone. If you look at WhatsApp’s user base anyway, we weigh more Android. I also use an iPad. I have used iPhones for many years, but I really want to use a product the way most people use it. That’s why I switched to Android. We are developing our products for both operating systems and trying to understand everyone.”

WhatsApp CEO also talked about new privacy policies

Finally, Cathcart also recorded a few sentences about its much talked about new WhatsApp privacy policy. These changes are not about users, but only about communication with businesses, he said!

“This update does not change anything about the confidentiality of your personal messages. There’s no change in that. But we’re only announcing some new business features for people to communicate with businesses. People don’t have to do that, they’re in control,”

And what do you think of WhatsApp CEO Will Cathcart’s statements? You can share your ideas about the competition with Apple, the Android discussion and the new privacy agreements.

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