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What’s in DualSense?

What’s in DualSense?

Sony has made innovations in controllers as well as in the PS5. It introduced haptic touch and adjustable trigger hardening with DualSense. In a posted video, YouTuber Austin Evans tried to connect DualSense to both Xbox Series X and PS4 and failed on Xbox. When he connected it to the phone, he discovered that it worked without any problems. In the rest of the video, he wondered inside and disassembled the DualSense.

DualSense has two microphones

Austin disassembled the DualSense and drew attention to the trigger keys. He also noticed that there were two microphones inside the controller. One of the microphones is facing you in the front, while the other is looking down.

For gamers who want to use the controller microphone, the microphone on the back seems to block out environmental and key noises. I guess Sony doesn’t want the DualSense to be used with the PS4. DualSense can be connected to PS4 via cable and charged. It can also be connected wirelessly, but the controller does not respond at all.

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