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What’s happening between Facebook and Apple?

What’s happening between Facebook and Apple?

There is a relationship between Facebook and Apple that loosens from time to time. The iOS software is the basis of this relationship. Facebook says Apple has swamped other apps to highlight their apps. Facebook now wants to add an addition to Apple’s new software update iOS 14.

Recently, with the software update coming to iPhones, users who wanted to switch to iOS 14.

With iOS 14, Apple softened its strict application policy and introduced the freedom to set Gmail as the default email app. Although this feature encountered some technical adjustment problems with iOS 14, this problem was resolved with the iOS 14.0.1 update. At this point, it is necessary to mention Facebook.

Facebook also wants Apple to switch to it in other apps that allow such adjustment. It demands that iMessage and Messages applications, which are the default messaging applications on Apple’s devices, be replaced by other applications by users, and at this point, Facebook’s messaging application should be adjustable.

Basically, Facebook’s request stems from the fact that if Android allows it, why can’t Apple on the iOS side. On Android, users have the freedom to choose a third-party app that will be their default messaging app. This service also means that it can receive the SMS (messages) sent to phones.

On the other hand, Apple’s Messages app and iMessage are offered as an integral part of its software. Apple reports that it provides a completely secure, fully encrypted Messaging service to its users on iPhone and iPad. It is said that if there is a request by users to change this messaging application, Apple will consider this request, but it remains an idea put forward by Facebook for now.

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