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What will be presented at the Apple event on September 10?

What will be presented at the Apple event on September 10?

The iPhone event, which will be held on September 10, is eagerly awaited. Let’s see, what else is waiting for us at this event where iPhone 11s will be introduced?

Apple activity takes place 4 times a year. In March, software on creativity and education are generally discussed. In June, software and high-level hardware developments are shared. IPhone and Apple Watch will be introduced in September, while the latest iPad and Mac models will be introduced in October.

Preparations for iPhone event in progress

One of the most important events organized by Apple is its September event. Most information about the products to be introduced at the event was leaked to the press. We all know how the design of the iPhone 11 will be. Now let’s move on to the other products expected.

iPhone 11 series

The introduction of three iPhone models for 2019 is expected. Expectations from the new iPhone models are: USB-C port instead of Lightning port, Haptic Touch technology instead of 3D Touch, improved water resistance, improved three-lens camera, better low-light photography and Apple Pencil compatibility.

16 inch MacBook Pro

Generally introducing new Mac models in October, Apple will introduce the 16-inch Macbook Pro in September, according to recent leaks. This model will come with a larger screen than other MacBook Pros. There is a rumor that micro-LED technology will be used in the product that we don’t know much about. If you’re wondering what it looks like, the following image can inform you:

iMac Pro renewal

We will see a new generation of iMac Pro very soon. Although September is unusual, Apple can issue a press release for the new iMac Pro as it did last year.

Mini Apple TV

While Apple TV + will be introduced, Apple wants to remove a smaller and more economical Apple TV. In this way, Apple plans to expand Apple TV + to a wider audience.


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