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What the saying goes: Messenger and Instagram merged!

What the saying goes: Messenger and Instagram merged!

Combining Instagram and Facebook Messenger was on the agenda. Messenger and Instagram have just merged, reportedly. Facebook; It is moving to the next stage in the unified messaging service it plans for Instagram and WhatsApp. Facebook Messenger and Instagram messages are now officially announced merging.

Messenger and Instagram merged

He wanted to gather the messages of his trio of Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp that he owned on Facebook. Although Messenger and Instagram have been united for now, it is expected that WhatsApp will be included in this process with the preparation of the infrastructure. In the announcement, it was said that iOS and Android users had reached a combined direct message box.

Thanks to this integration, people using Messenger and Instagram direct messages will reach a single message box.

Some new features will be added to the new Messenger experience on Instagram soon. Among them; There will come a mode to communicate between apps, watch together, send messages will disappear after reading or when you close the chat. In addition to these, selfie stickers, animated message effects, message controls and many more features.

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