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What is the Orange Dot Appearing on the Screen of iPhones with iOS 14?


One of the new functions of iOS 14 is the orange point on the network indicator panel. This orange spot, Apple’s newest privacy feature, allows you to view apps that use your camera and microphone on your phone.

Recently, Apple has begun to offer users a new mobile operating system iOS 14. Users with iPhone 6S and new models are currently trying to discover new features offered by iOS 14. One of these functions is the orange point on the upper right side of the screen. If you switched to iOS 14, you could start seeing this new phrase.

This point right above the palettes on which you see information about the mobile network is actually critical for all users. This feature, designed for user privacy, and which we should get used to seeing in the future, shows what applications are used in your phone, such as a camera or microphone. In fact, there are many such applications, but no matter what, iPhone owners should study the details of the orange dot.

This is how the orange dot feature of iOS 14 looks

The orange dot feature, which is a new part of Apple’s privacy service, is important for apps that you don’t really trust with your source. Because this feature allows users to view which applications on their phone have sensitive equipment, such as a camera and microphone. And how is this function used?

If you want to view which apps on your phone have access to the camera and microphone with the new feature of iOS 14, you can access the “Settings” section of your phone. The information contained in the “Privacy” sub-menu here will also provide you with detailed information about the applications on your phone.

With the new iOS 14 feature, users learn about their privacy. Because, in fact, it’s hard to trust apps in app stores. Apple will develop such a feature so that users can get more information about the installed applications. Finally, note that not all applications you encounter in this feature are harmful. After all, apps like WhatsApp and Instagram use your phone’s sensitive hardware like camera and microphone…

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