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What is an IP camera? What can be useful? Where is used?

What is an IP camera? What can be useful? Where is used?

Home and workplace security solutions are security camera solutions. In particular, we can say that solutions such as an IP camera have recently been afloat.

What is an IP camera? What can be useful? Where is used?

An IP camera is a security and display system in which a person or people with certain permissions can gain remote access using network access, in addition to standard surveillance cameras. Solutions for IP cameras, unlike traditional surveillance cameras, have a structure that does not depend on the working recorder, hard disk (harddisk) and similar storage solutions. Because you can access the Internet and the LAN, you can instantly track your camera image. You can find solutions for IP cameras of different categories according to the selected model, wired or wireless.

One of the main advantages of IP cameras is easy access. Remote access to IP cameras is available from any computer, tablet, or smartphone. In the preferred model, the alarm can be used for tasks such as motion detection, theft warning. The main logic of IP cameras is to instantly transmit saved images. During this transmission, sensors and lenses on the device, as well as on digital display devices, are converted into an image. In fact, a camera or video camera works with the same logic.

Geleneksel güvenlik kameraları ile arasındaki en ciddi farklardan biri ise görüntü işleme mekanizmasıdır. Bu tip kameralar, dijital veriyi görüntüye dönüştürür; ancak analog güvenlik kameraları ise DVR isimli kayıt cihazlarına kayıt etmek zorundadır. Bu noktada IP kameraların maliyet açısından analog güvenlik kameralarına göre daha uygun olduğunu belirtebiliriz.

Note that IP camera solutions are more affordable and practical for both home and office environments.

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