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What is a RAW photo?

What is a RAW photo?

A RAW photo is what you photograph if you do not interfere with the camera in the photo area.

The word RAW is of English origin and is used to refer to vegetables and fruits that are generally cheeses.

This is a term that is used to mean that photographs taken in the photography area are not subject to any interference.

Currently, there are many RAW cameras on the market. In sets with this function, light to the sensor is recorded directly on the card.

The white parameter, color and contrast found in the photos are disabled when they are removed from these machines, and the settings fall on the RAW file as elements. Thus, the photographs are the cleanest and cleanest.

However, since all data is stored as separate elements, image quality does not disappear and can be easily performed when editing is required.

Advantages of RAW photography

It is more logical to photograph RAW in terms of benefits. The main advantages of photographing RAW in general:

  • It is the most convenient format for storing photos
  • Easy to edit because the white balance of photos is stored in individual items
  • In photos, you can reduce the volume called gren
  • Editing of colors is possible without loss of quality in the photo
  • Photographic prints can be obtained very efficiently. Therefore, photos for printing must be taken using RAW, if possible.

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