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What Do We Expect From Apple’s Event To Be Held On November 10?


Apple will hold a special event called One More Thing on November 10th. Details of what we can expect from this event are in our news.

Apple’s next major event will take place in just 2 days. The name given by the company for the event to be held on November 10 was One More Thing, in other words “Something More”. Expectations are high from this event.

According to what was spoken in the technology backstage, we will see the first MacBook models that will use Apple’s own processor at this event. Although the most important item on the agenda is these MacBook devices, we will see other innovations in One More Thing.

Everything will be like an iPhone

What Do We Expect From Apple’s Event To Be Held On November 10?

The plans Apple announced earlier included using its own chips instead of Intel processors on Mac devices. At this event, the company is expected to announce more details on the subject. This includes introducing the first Mac devices with an Apple processor.

This change will be the biggest innovation we have seen in Mac devices in recent years. Silicon Valley’s giant will thus gain deeper control over laptop and desktop devices. This isn’t the only major change coming with the new processors. iPhone, iPad and Mac devices will have the same architecture. In other words, iOS applications will be able to work on Mac devices.

These chips, called Apple silicon, will be built on the A14 Bionic and will likely be called the A14X. Thanks to this processor, the energy efficiency of Mac devices will increase. In addition, the performance of Apple notebook devices in operations such as machine learning will also increase significantly.

New products may come from Apple

Apple is expected to introduce a 13-inch MacBook Air device at its event. In addition, there are many claims that we will see 13-inch and 16-inch MacBook devices with A14X processor at this event.

According to rumors, Apple will announce other devices at this event. These include new accessories such as on-ear headphones. Details about the features of the new processor and application information will be shared at the event. Apple will likely perform One More Thing, which it will split into software and hardware, on November 10th.

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